• CRV – Constrained random verification.  Not an often used term, I stumbled across it on a job posting.
  • DUT – Design under test.  Strictly speaking, test usually refers to post-fabrication testing for manufacture defects, but we use it, too.
  • DUV – Design under verification.  The HDL design currently undergoing functional verification.  This acronym is often used interchangeably with DUT.
  • EDIF Electronic design interchange format.  Early vendor-neutral netlist language that closely resembles lisp; essentially superseded by Verilog and VHDL.
  • Hack – a horse for ordinary riding; a wooden frame for drying meats, cheeses, etc.; a writer or journalist who produces dull, unoriginal work.
  • HDL – Hardware description language.  Examples: VHDL, Verilog.
  • HVL – Hardware verification language.  Examples: C/C++, e, SystemVerilog, Vera, etc.
  • OVMOpen verification methodology, refer to OVM World.
  • UVMUnified verification methodology, refer to Accellera.
  • Validation – referring to functional verification of an HDL design; i.e. simulation.  Gained some traction to differentiate functional simulation from formal verification.  Lately, seems to be interchangeable with verification.
  • Verification – functional or formal verification of an HDL design, or subset thereof.
  • Verification hack – a verification engineer who, in the minds of everyone else out there, has a spectacularly dull life (It’s not like he’s building the Golden Gate Bridge or something exciting.–My Aunt Mildred at Thanksgiving dinner, 2005).
  • VMMVerification methodology manual, refer to VMM Central.

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